What it’s like to be a Hollywood COVID manager

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Hollywood has picked up the pace of its productions after a slow start to 2020. To protect the safety of casts and crews, studios are requiring new positions and costly protocols. Photo by Pixabay.

As Hollywood ramps up production, studios and filmmakers are wrestling with how to keep the industry running while implementing new protocols.

New jobs are springing up to meet the demand, including  COVID manager, COVID compliance officer, and COVID compliance supervisor. The basic idea is the same: Make sure everyone is following the rules.

Danika Kohler Doman has been working in Hollywood for more than two decades, so she’s used to all changes. She works as a production supervisor, and she has been a production coordinator on films small and large, including “Spiderman 3” and “Pacific Rim: Uprising.”

When the pandemic hit, she “fell into” the role of a COVID manager, and she’s worked on set additional photography for Sony and Netflix. Kohler Doman talks about what her job looks like, the expense of testing and enforcing protocols, and why she hopes to get back into production supervising soon.



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