Hollywood's Unconventional Therapists Revisited

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We revisit our interview with Hollywood therapists, Barry Michels and Phil Stutz. We first aired this conversation after Michels was profiled in the New Yorker magazine by Dana Goodyear. Michels and Stutz, his mentor, have practices in Los Angeles that are almost exclusively comprised of people working in the entertainment business -- from actors to agents, executives to writers. Michels and Stutz use an unconventional treatment approach based on Cognitive-Behavioral therapy and Jungian psychoanalysis. They talk with Kim about the particular issues that face people working in Hollywood while outlining some of their therapeutic "tools."  Then we speak with two of Michels' former patients -- TV writer-producer Howard Gordon and TV writer-producer Molly Newman -- who share some of the ways that those tools help them negotiate life in the entertainment business.

Today's Banter Topics:
- James Cameron Unveils clip of the 3D Conversion of Titanic
- 2011 Box Office today: superhero fatigue and break-out hits like Bridesmaids



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