Howard Gordon Talks 'Homeland' and '24'

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Howard Gordon, co-creator of Homeland and former show-runner of 24, talks about how both of these shows tapped into the very different zeitgeist of the day.

Homeland, Showtime's psychological thriller, recently won the Golden Globe for Best Dramatic Series and the lead, Claire Danes, won for her portrayal of a bi-polar CIA agent who's convinced a POW (Damian Lewis) has been turned into an al Qaeda operative. Gordon talks about how he and his writing partner, Alex Gansa, adapted Homeland from an Israeli series, how they used real CIA agents as consultants, and how it's supposedly one of President Obama's favorite shows.


Today's Banter Topics:
- Follow-up to last week's banter on SOPA and PIPA and how Hollywood lost the fight in DC
- Sundance highlights and the buying atmosphere in Park City



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