Hollywood News Banter

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Matt Belloni, executive editor of the Hollywood Reporter joins Kim Masters to discuss top entertainment news stories of the week.

  • There's a major shakeup at ABC. After a power struggle with his boss Ben Sherwood, Paul Lee is out and Channing Dungey is in. Dungey's new role makes her the first African American woman to run a major broadcast network. 
  • Deadpool had an incredible opening holiday weekend, raking in more than $150 million and perhaps changing the game for superhero films. The humorous R-rated hit has people rethinking the idea that superhero movies need to be family-friendly. 
  • Given the success of Fox's Deadpool, should Warner Bros. be worried? They need their forthcoming Batman v. Superman to be a huge success, but it looks like it will have a very serious tone, when audiences might be craving something more irreverent.



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