A podcast crossover event! Kim Masters on 'The Catch and Kill Podcast'

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In October 2017, The New York Times published the first exposé on Harvey Weinstein, quickly followed by Ronan Farrow’s article in The New Yorker.

As Farrow recounts in his book “Catch and Kill,” he originally undertook his reporting for NBC News. Kim Masters was in contact with Farrow while he was working on the story--doing whatever she could to guide and encourage him. Of course, she would have liked to break the story herself but it had stymied her and other reporters for years.

Harvey knew that Masters had made intermittent efforts to get at the truth and, as she subsequently learned from Farrow’s reporting, she was making him nervous. It turns out he had some kind of dossier on her and had sent one of his spies, posing as a reporter, to chat her up. And as you’ll hear, that’s not all. 

When Farrow interviewed Masters for his “Catch and Kill Podcast,” they talked about many things, including why breaking the story was seemingly impossible for so many years. Farrow also interviewed New Yorker journalist Ken Auletta, who had also tried to report the facts, without success.

Today we bring you parts of Masters’ interview for “The Catch and Kill Podcast” episode that dropped a few days ago. Masters also add a few other memories from her years covering Weinstein. 

Special thanks to Ronan Farrow and his producers for letting us play portions of Episode 5, “The Hunt,” on our show. Be sure to check out all the episodes of “The Catch and Kill Podcast” on your favorite podcast app.  




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