Kurt Sutter of 'Sons of Anarchy;' Some Pixar Inspiration

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Kurt Sutter's FX series, Sons of Anarchy, is about an outlaw biker gang. Now in its fourth season, the premiere episode was the most watched FX show in that network's 14-year history. Sutter is sort of a Hollywood outlaw himself. He's brutally honest in a way that most people in the TV business dare not be. His popular blog and twitter feed are often full of obscenity laced observations and reflections on what it's truly like to work in Hollywood. He talks with us about how his tweeting reached a crescendo in August and even he felt he need to set a limit on himself. He shut it down for a bit but now he's back.

Plus, Pixar animator, Austin Madison reads a letter he contributed to the blog, Animators Letters Project. (See his letter below.) When taking on a creative endeavor he stresses the value of persistence.

Today's Banter Topics:
- 3-D dust-up: Sony doesn't want to pay for 3-D glasses but neither do theater owners.  Will consumers have to pick up the tab?
- Roman Polanski sort of apologizes in a new documentary
- Fall TV series update
- New Warner Bros "social" webseries, Aim High, to engage interactively with Facebook users

Rebecca Keegan, staff reporter for the LA Times and author of The Futurist: The Life and Films of James Cameron, sits in for John Horn on the banter today.









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