Musician and producer Quincy Jones & filmmaker Alan Hicks on 'Quincy'

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Musician and composer Quincy Jones has worked with the greats--Ray Charles, Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson and many more. But his ambition didn’t end there. Jones composed more than 30 films scores before becoming a producer. Now 85, he tells us about breaking into movie music at a time when Hollywood didn’t hire black composers and making Will Smith into a huge star. Filmmaker Alan Hicks joins Jones to talk about the new Netflix documentary, ‘Quincy,’ which he directed with Jones’ daughter Rashida. And we talk to journalist and author Keach Hagey, whose new book, ‘The King of Content,’ follows the long career of mogul Sumner Redstone, whose media empire is at a crossroads.

Photo courtesy of Netflix. Quincy Jones and documentary filmmaker Alan Hicks



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