After ‘The Walking Dead,’ actor Steven Yeun looks to break out of “beige” roles

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After a memorably violent scene at the beginning of the seventh season of ‘The Walking Dead,’ Steven Yeun was done playing Glenn, the affable pizza delivery guy turned zombie fighter.

Last year Yeun, who is Korean American, went from being Glenn to being Ben in director Lee Chang-dong’s ‘Burning,’ which was shortlisted for Oscar. Making his Korean-language film debut, Yeun played a very non-Glenn role: Ben is a smooth-talking, well-to-do, kinda creepy young man with an opaque backstory.

We talked to Steven Yeun about playing Ben and working with one of his director heroes on an earlier episode of The Business. Today we’re airing new material from that interview, when we chatted about Yeun’s early career doing improv in Chicago, as well as the blessings of ‘The Walking Dead,’ and the frustrations he felt several seasons in. Plus, he talks about what he’s looking for--and not looking for--in future roles.



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