Hollywood News Banter

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TV Guide magazine chief content officer Michael Schneider joins Kim Masters to discuss top entertainment news stories of the week.

- Following the revelation of the Josh Duggar scandal, TLC finds itself in 19 kinds of hot water...and counting. Advertisers are fleeing from the reality show about the Arkansas-based Duggar family, and Hulu has dropped it as well, but for the moment, TLC is still yet to cancel the show entirely.

- British outfit ITV has opted not to purchase the Weinstein Company's TV division. TWC doesn't have the TV offerings to justify the high selling price, and their TV division is inextricably linked to their film division. ITV has no interest in getting into film.

- Broadcasters are opting to shop at home more so now than in any other time in recent history. With repeats bringing in almost no money, networks are airing more and more shows created at their own studios, rather than purchasing from elsewhere. They also want to be able to retain their brand on shows should they later run on other platforms.



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