Revisiting showrunner Steven Bochco on his memoir

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For Memorial Day weekend, we're revisiting our conversation with showrunner Steven Bochco. With his groundbreaking series Hill Street Blues, LA Law and NYPD Blue,  writer-producer Bochco consistently pushed the limits of what could be said and done on broadcast television. Along the way, he dealt with more than a few headaches--from disruptive actors to litigious executives to heads broadcast standards departments. He isn't afraid to tell those tales in his new memoir, Truth is a Total Defense. Bochco recounts battles big and small -- including a legal brawl with Rupert Murdoch and the firing of an actor with very particular bathroom habits. Plus, an all new banter about the reversals of fortune at cable news and late night. 

Photo: Television writer-producer Steven Bochco on the cover of his memoir, Truth is a Total Defense



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