Making 'The Sessions'

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When Ben Lewin discovered Mark O'Brien's article, "On Seeing a Sex Surrogate," he was at an all time low in his film career. Judi Levine, his wife and producer, had taken a job outside of the business to pay the bills. In fact, they were thinking about leaving LA and moving back to Australia. But this article struck a nerve -- not only because Lewin had been contracted polio as a child, like O'Brien -- but because this story moved them. They talk with us about how they acquired the rights to O'Brien's article (he died in 1999), and the life rights to the actual sex surrogate -- Cheryl Cohen Green. Lewin and Levine's story of ‘begging' for money to get the film financed turns triumphant when they get The Sessions into Sundance and sell it to Fox Searchlight.





Kim Masters