Shawn Levy on changing course in his career and 'Stranger Things'

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Last July, ‘Stranger Things’ on Netflix came seemingly out of nowhere to become the buzziest show of the summer.

The executive producer of ‘Stranger Things’ is Shawn Levy--who before last year was best known as a director of family-friendly comedies, notably the ‘Night at the Museum’ franchise. The broad comedies had broad appeal: the 3 ‘Night at the Museum’ movies, all directed by Levy, made more than a billion dollars worldwide.

But eventually Levy wanted to break out of his box. He began to expand the mission of his production company--21 Laps. Last year his efforts paid off in a big way. In addition to ‘Stranger Things,’ he produced ‘Arrival’--nominated for 8 Oscars including best picture and best director.

Levy has come a long way from where he began his career--not behind the camera but in front of it. He tells us how acting in a cheesy horror movie helped him become a better director, how he convinced Hollywood to reconsider him, and what might be next.

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