The Actors' Pilot Season Plight

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We talk with two actors about the exhausting and angst-ridden process of auditioning for television pilots. David Walton and Elaine Hendrix -- who've done nearly 20 pilots between them -- talk rejection, resilience and the high stakes game of getting cast during pilot season.

Walton recently co-starred in the NBC show, Bent, with Amanda Peet. He's also recently replaced another actor in an untitled CBS pilot. Meanwhile, Hendrix is in the ABC pilot, American Judy, starring Judy Greer. The fate of all of these shows will be revealed in May at the upfronts in New York. That's when the networks introduce their new shows to advertisers. But for today, using Gavin Polone's article, "How Pilot Season Ensures that Great Actors Rarely Land the Right Shows" as a road map, we talk about the roller coast ride of pilot season.

Today's Banter Topics:
- Two African American men file a class action lawsuit against ABC and the producers of - The Bachelor and The Bachelotte for discrimination
- Disney's Marvel will co-produce Iron Man 3 with a Chinese production company
- The Avengers will open April 27 and is on track to take in big numbers at the box office
- Miley Cyrus' film, LOL, is being dumped by Lionsgate with no publicity or marketing



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