The Rigors and Reality of the Stand-Up Comedy Business

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This week, the hard-knocks life of a professional comedian. We sit down with Maria Bamford, Al Madrigal and Paul F. Tompkins. They talk about the idiosyncrasies of the comedian's psyche, using social networking to generate an audience, and vying to get that great TV gig.

Today's Banter Topics:

Netflix deal to make an original 'TV' show with Kevin Spacey and David Fincher
Groupon's offer for half-price tickets to the movie Lincoln Lawyer
MGM's efforts to please the Chinese government by changing the bad guys in Red Scare to North Koreans


Maria Bamford on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson


Paul F. Tompkins


Al Madrigal's stand-up (Laugh Factory)


Banner image: (L to R) Al Madrigal, Maria Bamford and Paul F. Tompkins




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