The Silent Film, 'The Artist;' The Onion News Network

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This week, the French filmmakers behind a new film that's not only in black and white, but silent. Writer/director Michel Hazanavicius and producer Thomas Langmann talk about how and why they made The Artist. The movie premiered at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year where the lead actor, Jean DuJardin, won the Best Actor award. And there's buzz that the film could be an awards contender in the US, too. Still, it was very hard to finance in an era of 3D blockbusters and there's no guarantee that audiences will respond. Hazanavicius and Langmann talk about winning the heart of Harvey Weinstein to distribute it and casting John Goodman as a studio head who they revere as an 'icon.' The Artist opens in New York and Los Angeles on November 25, with plans to open wider in December. 



Plus, we talk with two of the comedy minds behind the Onion News Network. Head writer Carol Kolb and executive producer Will Graham talk about translating The Onion newspaper's satire to video for their weekly show which airs on IFC Friday nights at 10pm.



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