Appendix: Still Not Dotcoms

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Warm yourself beneath an underpass of the information superhighway! Brian McMullen reads all one thousand of his epic catalog of unclaimed URLs in this special appendix to our recent episode,, which explored the disassembly of one’s public persona and internet-induced bewilderment.

Brian has worked as an editor, art director, and designer for McSweeney’s, BOMB, Grantland, Cabinet, and Lucky Peach. With his wife Katie, he operates a small clothing company called Pantalaine, specializing in clothes made to be worn by two or more people at the same time.

Brian is publishing a special printed zine edition of Still Not Dotcoms to coincide with the release of this episode of the Organist. And he’d like to make this print edition freely available to any Organist listener who emails him at brianmcmullen at and mentions the Organist.