The Organist returns Thursday

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From KCRW and McSweeney’s, the Organist returns with its fifth season on July 12!

We’ll be drilling down into pop culture to reveal its dark, beautiful, pulsating inner-core to bring you funny, sad, and surprising stories about the complex ideas and feelings behind the artists and thinkers that we adore.

We’ll visit gutter punks and Pulitzer Prize–winners, we’ll talk to a poet who crossed the Sonoran Desert into the U.S. at nine years old, and a writer who traveled the entirety of the US-Canada border and stumbled into the beginning of the Standing Rock protests.

We’ll binge-watch the Texas State House live feed like it was prestige TV, and study prop comedy like it was Marxist literary theory. The Organist is your indispensable guide to this twisted landscape of contemporary art, culture, and ideas.

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