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Super Parties This is Diana Nyad for KCRW, and this is The Score.

One-hundred-thirty million people will tune in to the Super Bowl this Sunday. I'm surprised Super Bowl Sunday hasn't been deemed a National Holiday at this point. All through the football season, ten million or so viewers watch the NFL games, week in and week out. But now on one single day, the Big Game attracts 120 million extra people who don't evidently watch the sport at all.

If you've ever been to a Super Bowl party, you know why. The statistics of chili made and guacemole dipped are legendary. Half-time acts are world class--this year none other than The Rolling Stones. And if you've ever been to a Super Bowl party, you also know that it is a unique broadcast experience where the ads have become bigger stars than the game itself.

Normally, commandeering our remotes and Tivo pre-taping, we have become masters at avoiding all commercials all the time. But for many, the raison d'etre of watching the Super Bowl is to take in the ads. This is the only sporting event when people make their sandwiches during action, to make sure they're in their seats for the ads. USA Today and other publications put out a Top 10 ad list the day after the game.

Logic would dictate that Madison Avenue competes heartily to land one or more of the 30-sec spots, each at a buy rate of about $2.1 million. But, ironically, the creative reviews have come around to bite the mystique of being judged during the Super Bowl. McDonalds, for instance, an annual presence on Super Bowl Sunday, got panned for their Lincoln Fry ad last year so they have completely withdrawn from this year's telecast. Same thing with VISA, usually a big player on the Super Bowl broadcast.

These and other companies have spent their ad dollars on the upcoming Torino Olympic Games where a 30-sec spot only costs $700k. I fall into the minority. I actually want to watch every play of the game and I dash to make my sandwich during a commercial. It does seem I miss the point of the party each year.

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This is Diana Nyad for KCRW, and that's The Score.



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