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This is Diana Nyad for KCRW.

This is the time normally reserved for The Score each week, but today I want to take a couple of minutes to remind you about one of the special activities going on 24/7 under the roof here at KCRW.

Take a listen.

(Sopranos music up full about 10 seconds, then fade out for about 5 seconds as I continue with copy)

You recognize that music, don't you? That's the opening theme music to the wildly successful television series, The Sopranos. For the six-year run of The Sopranos, I made sure to catch the top of each show because I loved that scene of Tony driving in his convertible through the New Jersey neighborhoods, that catchy music blaring from his car radio.

Well, that catchy tune was "discovered" right here in the basement KCRW Music Library at Santa Monica Community College. The creator of The Sopranos, David Chase, was cruising around LA one day, tuned in to KCRW, and heard the tune.

Eureka! He had it. That was the theme he imagined as perfect to kick off his show every week.

KCRW has earned its considerable reputation as one of the most progressive radio stations in the world and it is Ruth Seymour who has cultivated that reputation on two fronts. One is news and talk and all of us who talk on KCRW consider it a privilege. The other is hand-picked music. There is a veritable treasure trove of some 45 thousand CD's and another 15 thousand vinyl LP's in the basement here, an astoundingly exciting and eclectic collection.

The task at hand is for the music librarian to catalogue all this unique music into a digital database that will not only preserve it but will make it all available on the web.

Aside from your regular membership contributions, we are also asking you to help us modernize and showcase the KCRW music library as the world-class resource it is.

Pledge or renew your subscription at 800-600-KCRW or online at to enter the Barcelona sweepstake. Add an extra contribution to Save Our Music Library and you could win a MINI Cooper! That's 800-600-5279 or

We know you love the music you hear on KCRW. What do you say you show us just how much you appreciate it? Call 800-600-5279 and get behind this truly magnificent music library.

This is Diana Nyad and I thank you.



Diana Nyad