Cosby, the Fate of TV News, How TV Tackles Social Issues

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The downfall of Bill Cosby following multiple allegations of sexual assault has been one of the biggest news stories of the year, and not just in television. This is an ongoing story, but we take stock of where we are now and what it means for how we view an icon who had been one of the most beloved comedians in television history.

Then, we reflect on the current state of TV news. There have been a lot of changes and anchor shake-ups this year, but how many people have been paying attention? And what's the role of TV news in an increasingly mobile and digitized news environment?

Finally, as 2014 comes to a close and we get all nostalgic thinking back on shows of this past year and years gone by, we look at the way television today tackles social issues. It may seem like network TV is more hands-off when it comes to taking a stand on hot-button issues, but perhaps the overall TV landscape is just approaching these issues in a different way.

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Joe: Feeling nostalgic and looking for an old show to boost your spirits? Try The Love Boat on TV Guide Network.

Kate: The Sony hack story continues to build. What was once thought to be just a couple of movie leaks has now led to personal information, emails and medical records being released online. Journalists now face an interesting ethical quandary about what to do with the stolen information.

Mike: With pilot season approaching, it'll be interesting to keep an eye on prime time and see what happens with a new slew of medical dramas.




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