Emmy Campaign Overload; Have We Reached Peak Binge?

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It's officially June, which means this year's TV season is over, the upfronts are done and summer programming is upon us. Now that we know which new shows will make it to air this fall, it's time to crank up those Emmy campaigns. In reality, Emmy campaigning has been underway for months already. If that notion seems ridiculous to you -- you're not alone. We talk about the role Emmys and other awards shows play within the TV ecosystem and look at where we are now, compared to years past.

Meanwhile, NBC is the first of the broadcast networks to get into the binging game with Aquarius, the new David Duchovny drama. Wise move or...what were they thinking?

With so much content all available at once, there have been several calls for a return to the days of just releasing one new episode a week, instead of an all at once show dump. Even Netflix, the king of the binge-style delivery, may test out a more traditional model with some upcoming shows.

Plus, as always, we go around the horn for our Download segment and share the stories or shows that are top of mind this month.

End of show Downloads:

Debra: Right now, the place for comedies is Sunday night on HBO. Veep and Silicon Valley both seem to have hit their comedic stride.

Joe: On June 11, CNN will premier the new series The Seventies, produced by Tom Hanks. Part of the focus will be on TV shows from that era.

Mike: You heard it here first (or perhaps read about it on TV Guide). Mike's got something called The Rule of 4. That is that years ending in 4 -- 1984, 1994, 2004 -- have all been years that saw groundbreaking shows make their debut. And now 2014 has Empire and Shondaland shows. Will these shows stand the test of time and keep Mike's rule on track? Check back in 2024.




Kaitlin Parker