Emotional Moments at Comic-Con and Always Be Marketing

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Michael Schneider and Marisa Roffman have been to Comic-Con many times before, but this year managed to elicit some moments of actual emotion and surprise, including when it was announced that it would be the final season for Vampire Diaries, and when we learned Rihanna would be cast in a crucial role for the final season of Bates Motel.

Compared to last year, Roffman says it felt like there was more news to actually announce, but scheduling issues still prove problematic for the ever-growing fest.

In terms of what's coming up at the Television Critics Association, there are high hopes for HBO's Westworld, but over at the broadcast networks, the fall pilots have not inspired much confidence.

And Joe Adalian breaks down a recent article he wrote about how TV marketers are having to be more creative and more relentless when promoting their shows, due to the continuing evolution of the way people watch television.

Plus, summer TV! What's working? Game shows. What's not? Everything else.

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Marisa: If you missed the Gilmore Girls the first time around, now is the time to catch up, in preparation for the Netflix revival.  In other news, it's a bummer that the CW took its shows off of Hulu. Now it's tough to catch up if you want to watch in relatively real time. 

Joe: ABC's Greatest Hits is a little cheesy, but that's OK, it works!  Also, USA's Queen of the South is a compelling watch with a strong female lead. 

Mike: Simpson's World on FXX means you can watch every episode of the beloved show, which is perfect if you have kids who may have missed any of the 28 seasons the first time around. Incredibly, The Simpsons is approaching their 600th episode this year. 




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