Netflix domination, Emmys overload, and another writers' strike?

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It's not news anymore that Netflix is a huge player in the scripted drama space. But now they've also got movies, stand-up specials, children's shows, sitcoms and reality TV. In their quest to become the go-to for everything, what happens to the traditional networks left in their wake? The Spin-off crew talks about Netflix's growth, how they're paying for talent, and what other networks can do to keep up.

Plus, if you're noticing a lot of prestige dramas premiering right about now, it's not coincidence. Everyone is trying to get their show on the air in the time frame right before Emmy voting starts. With Game of Thrones out of the running for best drama this year because of timing, the field is wide open for the first time in years.

And finally, there's talk of another writers' strike, but what's the likelihood of actually happening? People who have been in the industry a while are still scarred from the last strike. In the event of a strike, the late night shows would be the first to suffer, and that would be a shame since they've been on such a roll lately.

End of show Downloads:
Sandra: The Handmaid's Tale on Hulu comes out in April. Based on Margaret Atwood's novel, the series is dark, Dystopian, and more than lives up to the hype.

Joe: With the finale approaching, now is the perfect time to binge HBO's Big Little Lies. David E. Kelly's comeback series is beautifully filmed and acted, and has a stellar soundtrack.

Mike: Mystery Science Theater 3000 arrives on Netflix in April. The series is back, thanks to fans who started a crowdfunding campaign. This newest iteration has a packed cast, and of course, robots.




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