'Portlandia,' 'Togetherness' and 'Last Man on Earth' Panel

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*This podcast contains explicit language*

We've talked on the show before about how Emmy campaigning has reached new heights and new innovations this year. Michael Schneider recently hosted a panel discussion that's a prime example of that. Three different networks -- IFC, HBO and Fox -- all had showrunners participate in the conversation.

Members of the panel included Carrie Brownstein and Jonathan Krisel from Portlandia, star and creator of Last Man on Earth Will Forte, and Mark and Jay Duplass from Togetherness. For years the Duplass brothers were known for their work in indie film. They kicked the conversation off by telling Schneider how they got drawn into working on television projects.


Jay Duplass - actor, writer and showrunner of 'Togetherness' - @jayduplass, Mark Duplass - actor, writer and showrunner of 'Togetherness' - @MarkDuplass, Carrie Brownstein - musician, writer and actress - @Carrie_Rachel, Jonathan Krisel - writer and director and co-creator of 'Portlandia', Will Forte - actor and showrunner - @OrvilleIV

Michael Schneider

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