Showrunner Melissa Rosenberg on Justice in 'Jessica Jones'

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Melissa Rosenberg has written and produced for a lot of TV shows -- Dexter, The OC, and Party of Five, just to name a few. Then, she took on Twilight, writing the screenplay adaptations of all five vampire films.

Her newest project is Jessica Jones, a Netflix series based on a Marvel character who works as a private eye in Hell's Kitchen. Rosenberg started working on Jessica Jones more than five years ago, when the series was first in development for ABC. That version of the project fell through, but it may have ultimately been a blessing -- Rosenberg tells us she loves the creative freedom (and lacks of commercial breaks!) that comes with doing a Netflix series.

Rosenberg tells us why she long-envisioned Krysten Ritter for the title role and how she worked to make a show that is more about justice than anything else.




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