Showrunners Joel Fields and Joe Weisberg on 'The Americans'

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Joe Weisberg and Joel Fields had never met before they were teamed up to write and produce The Americans for FX five years ago. Now, they continue to marvel at the similarities in their working styles and sense of aesthetics.

In a wide-ranging conversation with Michael Schneider, Fields and Weisberg take us through the evolution of The Americans. From with Weisberg's days in the actual CIA to Fields' years of writing TV movies, their unique backgrounds yielded something special when the two teamed up. Together they've created the complicated world of Russian spies Philip and Elizabeth Jennings, trying to raise a family while remaining loyal to the cause.

Weisberg and Fields take us inside their writing and production process -- they write multiple episodes far in advance, and often shoot out of order for budgetary and weather-related reasons. They also tell us how the show was cast and which performances have been the most surprising. Plus, they dive into their obsession with detail, from cars to wardrobes to turns of phrase and accents.

Season 4 of The Americans received Emmy nominations for Outstanding Drama Series, Actor, Actress, Guest Actress and Writing. There will be two more seasons before the series concludes for good.

Photo: (L-R) Joe Weisberg, Joel Fields (Jeffrey Neira/FX)




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