MUBI Podcast host Rico Gagliano on cultural obsessions with film

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Host of MUBI Podcast Rico Gagliano explains his fascination with the 1980s German film “Wings of Desire,” directed by Wim Wenders and shot by Henri Alekan in Berlin. Photo credit: Kevin Scanlon

Rico Gagliano is the host of MUBI Podcast, a show about film culture, currently in its second season. Previously, Gagliano was a creator and co-host of the award winning podcast “Dinner Party Download” and a contributor to “Marketplace.” Gagliano tells The Treatment about being pulled toward stories about cultural obsessions with films at a specific moment in time. He talks about how he chose the theaters around which the podcast’s second season is built. And he talks about how a small Manhattan theater played a key role in the phenomenon of the 1975 classic “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.”



Rebecca Mooney