Matthew Lillard: Fat Kid Rules the World

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Matthew Lillard has been acting in film and television for over two decades, although he is best known for 90's cult classics like Hackers, Scream and SLC Punk! Since then, his acting career has been richly varied. In 2011, for example, he played the voice of Shaggy Rogers in the Adult Swim series Robot Chicken, took a turn in an episode of House MD and played conflicted real estate agent Brian Speer in Alexander Payne's The Descendents. In 2012, he made his directorial debut, with Fat Kid Rules the World, based on the book by K.L. Going. Lillard talks about the ten years he spent between optioning the book and actually getting the film made, include a year of unemployment and the discovery of a new vocation.



 Banner image: Matthew Lillard on the set of Fat Kid Rules the World



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