Mindy Kaling: The Mindy Project

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"I'll never be demure. That's not going to be anything that I think I could play," says Mindy Kaling, the creator, writer and star of The Mindy Project on Fox TV. Kaling's characters, from Mindy Lahiri on The Mindy Project to Kelly Kapoor on NBC's The Office, are consistently women who are able to say what they want. Unlike The Office, The Mindy Project is a show about dating with people who are loosely bonded by their work, but have lives outside of their work. Kaling joins Elvis to talk about her first taste of success, in the off-off-Broadway show Matt & Ben, about the relationship between Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, and why an onstage accident has caused her to be weary of success ever since. Plus, why her super supportive dad still hasn't visited her on set.




Banner image: Mindy and Danny (played by Chris Messina) in The Mindy Project. Photo: Jordin Althaus/Fox



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