Nick Offerman: Somebody Up There Likes Me

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What is it, exactly, that makes Nick Offerman so great? We all love his character, Ron Swanson, on NBC's Parks and Recreation. It could be that he's a legitimately skilled handicrafter on the side, with his own wood shop in the valley. Or maybe it's just his general way of being, the way he plays all of his characters with a 'kind of a presentational quality,' bringing the art of deadpan to a whole new level. This week, he and Elvis sit down to talk about his success with Parks and Recreation and how it's changed his career, his collaborations with wife Megan Mullally and director Bob Byington, and the moment he discovered he was supposed to be a performer.



Poster for "RSO" [Registered Sex Offender]
another Bob Byington film with Offerman



Poster for "Somebody Up There Likes Me"





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