Sarah Treem: The Affair

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"Communication is a very imperfect means of getting people to understand each other," says Sarah Treem, co-creator of Showtime's new drama, The Affair. Treem should know a thing or two about the nuances of communication. Before The Affair, she began her television career writing on In Treatment, the HBO drama about a psychotherapist (Gabriel Byrne) and his patients. The Affair centers on four different characters, two of them have the affair, and the other two are directly affected by it. Treem co-created the show with Hagai Levi and says that more than just the affair itself, it's also about guilt, and the distance between who you want to be and who you are. Treem says, "I think every so often, in anyone's life, something comes along that's so major, and we end up acting in ways that we never believed we were capable of."

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