John Leguizamo’s new streaming service, The Network, hosts his ‘best work yet’

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John Leguizamo Photo credit: Guido Venitucci

Emmy and Tony winner John Leguizamo’s career has taken many twists and turns. He’s tackled stand-up comedy, film and television roles across all genres, and social action. Over the years he’s proven to be quite adept in all categories, highlights include: Voicing Sid The Sloth in the Ice Age movies, playing Toulouse-Lautrec in Baz Lurhman’s movie musical sensation Moulin Rouge, and his personal life work of advocating for Latino representation and LGBTQ rights. His latest role is Gordon Rogers, a 1950s government agent investigating a secret mission in the recent anthology series, The Green Veil. He considers this to be his best work yet. The series was one of two brand new originals which served to launch the streaming service, The Network, in April of 2024. Leguizamo tells The Treatment about starting The Network, the devastating true history behind The Green Veil, and why he loved working with an intimacy coordinator on the series.




Rebecca Mooney