Big Sur: The Secret Road

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Big Sur's sweeping cliffs and beaches are usually overwhelmed by tourists, traffic jams and chattering flocks of hikers. But when the road was blocked by an avalanche and a bridge collapsed, the village was suddenly and completely cut off from cars. We found a secret way into town, and hung out with the happily marooned residents.

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Big Sur residentTracy Cheseborough stands next to his rusty VW truck. Photo credit: Carla Green.

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Signs on the hike from the cut-off "island" to the "mainland." Photo credit: Carla Green.

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Big Sur, May 1972 (Photo by Dick Rowan/Wikimedia Commons)

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The view from Nepenthe Restaurant. Photo credit: Carla Green.



Bob Carlson

Producers: Carla Green and Paulina Velasco

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