On the Rolling Sea

Finally…. After a three day pleasure cruise in 2001, Jane Houghton developed a condition that made her feel like the world was continually moving like a boat on rough seas. It made her physically ill, but all the doctors couldn't find anything wrong. She became depressed and suicidal. Eventually she discovered the name of what she had, plus how to make her symptoms more bearable. The unexpected solution is that Jane keeps moving. Cars, trains, planes, boats, roller coasters, any of them make her feel like the old Jane again.

Produced by Gloria Khamkar. Edited by Bob Carlson.

Jane Houghton lives in Warrington in the North of England. She developed a website with information and support groups about Mal de Debarquement syndrome. Here is a site in the US.


Jane Houghton
Courtesy of Jane Houghton