Green Goblins

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Is baseball is a white man's game? Either way, baseball was definitely blacker when Donnell Alexander was growing up a Cleveland Indians fan in Ohio. He can remember thumbing through Ebony Magazine, cataloging his favorite players and feeling like a part of America's national pastime.

Decades later, when Donnell decides to coach his kid's little league team in suburban South Pasadena, the vibe is much, much different. As Donnell puts it: antiseptic.

For Donnell, coaching the Green Goblins means more time with his sons. But for other dads on the team, winning is everything. When he's saddled with a 17-game losing streak, Donnell starts to think all eyes are on him, and his fatherly endeavor becomes a lot more challenging than he ever expected.

Donnell Alexander is a Portland-based creator writer whose work has been featured in Time, Al Jazeera's "Inside Story" and Narrative Global Politics. His most recent short film, with Sika Stanton, is An Oregon Canyon. You can support his work on Patreon.

This story was produced by Nick White in collaboration with Donnell, with editing help from Bob Carlson and Carla Green.

The little league sounds in this story were recorded in South Pasadena in March 2017 by Eric Drachman. They're part of KCRW's SoundsLA program.

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Green Goblins scorecard
Photo courtesy of Donnell Alexander

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Donnell's younger son, Wyatt, in high school
Photo courtesy of Donnell Alexander

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Donnell during his Green Goblins coaching days
Photo courtesy of Antonio Olmos

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Donnell Alexander
Photo courtesy of Dawn Larned

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Donnell in the earlier days of his baseball fandom
Photo courtesy of Brad Dosland
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