Friends in Disguise

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The next snow globe scene is set at the airport, where a chaotic mass of people is swarming an airport gate, waiting to pack into a sold-out flight from New York to Portland, Maine. Wedged somewhere in the middle, there are two people – both young men – also waiting to board. But when you look a little closer, you realize that, for some reason, they're in disguise. Nose putty, fake sideburns, dyed hair – everything. The disguises are cheap, and very suspicious for airline passengers. But somehow, they've made it to the gate. It is 1986, after all.

Doug Bost is a writer living in Brooklyn. He hosts a bi-weekly comedy podcast called Grown Ass Men.

Doug Bost (R) with Chris Hatfield (L) and Steve Wicks (C) when they were in high school



Bob Carlson


Bob Carlson, Nick White