The Mysterious James Tiptree

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James Tiptree Jr. was a science fiction writer from the late 60's and early 70's. He had a loyal following for his books and stories which were partly notable for the way he handled gender issues and male/female relationships. This was during an era when science fiction books usually featured masculine male heroes, and almost no female ones. Tiptree was a mysterious figure, who only communicated to a few friends and fans. That's because his career hinged on a very big secret.

Produced by Eric Molinsky, who is a public radio producer and illustrator living in New York. He has his own podcast which is called Imaginary Worlds. It features biographer Julie Philips and author Chelsea Quinn Yarbro.

Alice Sheldon retouching a photo while working in the Army Air Forces photo-intelligence department
Photo courtesy of Julie Philips

Young Alice in Africa

Alice and Ting
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Bob Carlson


Bob Carlson