The Road Warriors

Memories twist with the passage of time – especially when they make a great story. Each retelling transforms a memory: the colors get a bit more vibrant; the kinks get ironed out; the discrepancies fade into the background. 

This week, we have a 30-year-old story of drunken teenage debauchery that sprawls across the suburbs of Sydney, Australia. A story that Luke, Andrew and Justin have been telling at parties and in pubs for years. Brawling, reckless driving, and kidnapping: how one accidental and chaotic car chase became a tale for the ages. A remastered, updated version of a story originally broadcast six years ago, in the early days of the show.


The three teenage boys together at a swim carnival
Left to right, Justin, Andrew, and Luke


The Road Warriors today

Justin Doughty repairs and sells vintage Ducati motorcycles in Sydney, Australia


Andrew Gilbert works as an actor and teacher in Melbourne, Australia


Luke Davies is a poet, novelist and screenwriter living in Los Angeles
His latest book is Interferon Psalms. He won a BAFTA award for the screenplay of Lion, and was nominated for an Academy Award for the same movie.


The Road Warriors Route

Here are the points of interest along the route travelled by the road warriors on their day of mayhem in 1979.


View The Road Warriors Route in a larger map

Here is the late 70s music used in The Road Warriors story:
10:15 Saturday Night by The Cure
I Found That Essence Rare by the Gang of Four
Three Imaginary Boys by The Cure
Cars by Gary Numan
Candy O by The Cars
Walk All over You by AC/DC
Cretin Hop by The Ramones
If You Want Blood (You Got It) by AC/DC
Got the Time by Graham Parker
When the Whip Comes Down by the Rolling Stones
Run Like Hell by Pink Floyd
(I'm) Stranded by The Saints
I Zimbra by the Talking Heads
Hateful by The Clash
Born Fighter by Nick Lowe
Rocket from a Bottle by XTC
School Days by AC/DC
One Tin Soldier by Coven
Billy Jack by Curtis Mayfield
Double Life by The Cars
Highway to Hell by AC/DC

Note: This program originally aired December 2, 2011.



Bob Carlson