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Finally, the story of a woman who needs a medical procedure. Getting the procedure should be straightforward, but as it turns out, it's anything but – because the procedure is an abortion. And the woman is in Brazil.

That story was produced by Benjamin Frisch, an independent podcast producer and artist in New York whose work has appeared on Slate, Love + Radio and The Guardian. He's also the author of the graphic novel The Fun Family.

Cynthia Bonacossa is a med-school-graduate-turned-cartoonist who recently released her first graphic novel, Carabin et Caipirinha. A comic she made telling the story of her abortion has been published by Piauí magazine, Vice, and Zone 5300.

An image from Cynthia's comic about her abortion experience
Photo courtesy of Cynthia Bonacossa



Bob Carlson


Bob Carlson