About Welcome to L.A.

Los Angeles is a city carved out of the desert — a conjured image of paradise. These are the stories of people who learn what lies beyond the dream.

In this second season you’ll hear from a tour guide building a meaningful life out of chaos, activists planning their revolution, a group of stuntmen that helped to diversify Hollywood, a couple priced out of the city and forced to move to the high desert and a man who learns to play drums just hours before he’s set to perform in front of hundreds of thousands.

Plus, we offer an ode to David’s favorite night of the week: Friday. Remember what it used to feel like? In L.A. it was prom night in Boyle Heights, amateur sailboat races on the Pacific and music that lasts into the wee hours of the morning. Fridays were never typical, and David delivers a sprawling collage of voices from across L.A. as they experience theirs.

Finally, don’t worry, there will be celebrities! David recruits famous chef Wolfgang Puck and culinary writer Richard Parks III for a gonzo tour around the city that is impossible to believe (and maybe not even real?). Then the season culminates as David fumbles into an impossible L.A. dream: acting in a motion picture alongside movie star Ethan Hawke.

Join us for the wild ride on season two of Welcome to LA.


Welcome to L.A. Playlist

The songs in this playlist were either featured in the show or provided inspiration while I wrote the episodes. Some are about L.A. and California, others feel like the world I lived in during my early days in Los Angeles.


Hosted by David Weinberg
Executive producer is Sonya Geis
Edited by Sonya Geis and Nick White
Mixing by Lyra Smith, Michael Raphael
Technical direction by JC Swiatek