SoundsLA Help


SoundsLA is an ongoing series of audio postcards that start with a sound found in and around Los Angeles. The sound then leads to a story about a particular person, place or thing.


By submitting my audio file, I understand that I own my recording, but I give KCRW permission to broadcast the recording on KCRW or in conjunction with their SoundsLA project. Any uploaded file or portion of it, may be part of a program or presentation having to do with SoundsLA, and in turn may also be made available for podcast/download.


Your Android device or iPhone come equipped with a microphone which you can use to record sound. First find the microphone on your device (usually it’s on the bottom) and then find the recording app. Be sure to test it, and figure out how to get the file off your phone, before you make your recordings.

There are a lot of how-to’s online and different apps available which make this process better.


Please let us know if you need help or just want to email us your sound file, description and photo.