Photo by Alexis Hunley.

Discover works by African-American artists, writers, and creators

In the mid-20th century, great Harlem artist and photographer Roy DeCarava documented the incredible outpouring of creativity everywhere in his community — everything from street jazz and civil rights marches to the joyous lives of ordinary folks. 

KCRW’s My Black LA project is loosely based around DeCarava’s groundbreaking work, refocusing his vision to cast light on our own city by presenting a platform for Black Angeleno creatives, writers, and artists to document the beauty and everyday cadence of African American communities and neighborhoods. 

By capturing the many different textures of our city through the words and lenses of various Black creators, this community-generated project highlights the vibrant culture and history of LA and carries that legacy forward for future generations.

My Black LA isn’t simply a look to the past or a museum piece; it’s a living archive shaped by you. 

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King Kutz, 2019. Photo by Kwasi Boyd-Bouldin.

Black Space

"Black Space” is a collection of photographs by artist Kwasi Boyd-Bouldin who documents the urban landscape of Black neighborhoods. In recent years, he has photographed neighborhoods in New Orleans, Philadelphia, New York, and Los Angeles. This set of photographs is part of an ongoing project centered around the Leimert Park and Crenshaw District area, as the new Metro train line nears completion. 

Nipsey Hussle mural. Photo by Alexis Hunley.

Precipice of Change

Photographer Alexis Hunley shares her experiences documenting life in LA’s Black neighborhoods. "I’ve finally discovered a space where I feel seen and yet, I can feel it slipping through my fingers. Documenting the people that make Black neighborhoods the culturally rich places that they are, is so incredibly important. We don’t know what the future holds or how these spaces will look in the near — or distant — future. The people are the neighborhood. They give Inglewood, View Park, Leimert Park, Ladera Heights, Hyde Park, Compton, Watts, and so many other spaces, the cultural and vibrancy that make them remarkable."