Debating Berlin’s new anti-discrimination law

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Berlin passed a hotly debated anti-discrimination law this month, the first of its kind in Germany, that allows victims to pursue legal remedies against state officials — including police — for discrimination related to race, gender, disability, sexual orientation and more. But is new law the panacea its proponents claim or will it lead to a villainization of the police as the law’s critics contend?

Host Sumi Somaskanda talks with Armaghan Naghipour, who worked on the new legislation and is the political adviser to Berlin Justice Senator Dirk Behrendt; Niklas Hofmann from the Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency and Joseph Hutchinson, an African-American lawyer and co-publisher of DADDY magazine. We also hear from two of the law’s critics: Berlin Police Union Spokesman Benjamin Jendro and Burkard Dregger, CDU parliamentary leader in the Berlin House of Representatives.