Germany VS COVID-19, Round 2: Can we avoid another lockdown?

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As novel coronavirus cases skyrocket across Germany and Europe, we talk about what we’ve learned since the start of the pandemic. How can we best stop its spread, what are the new treatments and is a lockdown imminent or even wise?

Host Sylvia Cunningham talks with Christian Karagiannidis, president of the German Society of Medical Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine; Korinna Hennig, science editor and co-host of public broadcaster NDR’s weekly show “The Coronavirus Update”; Thomas Isenberg, health policy spokesman for the Social Democrats’ parliamentary group in Berlin’s House of Representatives; Tom Nuttall, Berlin bureau chief for The Economist; Erik Kirschbaum, special correspondent for the L.A. Times and freelance journalist in Berlin and Dr. Margaret Harris, spokeswoman for the World Health Organization.