How has the pandemic changed Berlin gastronomy, and who are the people protesting COVID-19 measures?

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Restaurants and cafes are back open in Berlin, but how has the pandemic changed the experience of dining out? And protests against coronavirus-related restrictions, so-called “hygiene demonstrations,” are gaining attention across the country. Who are these protesters and what are they asking for?

Host Sylvia Cunningham is joined by two popular food and restaurant bloggers, Mary Scherpe from Stil in Berlin and Per Meurling from Berlin Food Stories to talk about how the pandemic has changed gastronomy. She also talks with Melissa Eddy, a correspondent in Berlin for The New York Times; Andrea Dernbach from the daily newspaper Der Tagesspiegel and Florian Gathmann, who writes for the German magazine Der Spiegel and Spiegel Online, about why people are taking to the streets to protest coronavirus-related restrictions and how the German government is responding.