The Debate over 5G, Huawei, and Germany's digital future

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L-R: Jan-Peter Kleinhans, Noah Barkin, Janka Oertel. Photo credit: KCRW Berlin

Could it be one of the most important conversations of the modern era? This week on Studio Berlin, host Noah Barkin delves into the details of Germany’s 5G debate. Why all the fuss about Chinese company Huawei and it’s role in supplying parts of Germany’s 5G infrastructure?

Does the decision against competitors like Nokia and Ericsson end chances for European tech excellence? Is the decision forcing Germany to decide between China and the US? Together with two of the leading experts on 5G in Berlin, guests Janka Oertel and Jan-Peter Kleinhans discuss why this decision could redefine digital autonomy for Europe.

Janka Oertel and Jan-Peter Kleinhans in studio. Photo credit: KCRW Berlin



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