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Episode Morning Becomes Eclectic playlist, January 21, 2022
We’ve got the New Music Friday flavor to help you ease into the weekend, plus sounds out of Berlin by way of Tel Aviv. Tune in to hear songstress and producer J. Lamotta, who is inspired by humanity and togetherness.
Episode Netflix hikes prices, how will subscribers react?
The standard Netflix plan now costs $15.49 a month — 50 cents more than HBO Max. Some subscribers may cancel, but the price will likely continue to rise as Netflix grows.
Episode ECMAScript program Mamas Gun: ‘Looking For Moses’
Named after Erykah Badu’s sophomore album, London’s Mamas Gun are soul titans in the making. Their song “Looking For Moses” was written on the day Bill Withers passed, and pays tribute to the legendary singer.
Episode President Biden gets report card as he faces challenges on voting rights, Ukraine
Panelists discuss how President Biden is doing one year into his tenure, what the U.S. can — and should — do about Russia, and what Republicans stand for in 2022.
Episode Tyler Boudreaux's playlist, January 20, 2022
A balanced diet of indie grooves, modern psych, alternative R&B and straight up rock and roll.
Episode Travis Holcombe's playlist, January 20, 2022
New music. Emerging artists. No boundaries. Served fresh every weeknight, 8-10pm.
Episode Omicron has businesses rethinking in-person work
With Omicron, many offices resemble ghost towns again, and questions emerge about the future of in-person work. It’s especially true in Culver City.
Episode Op-ed: California parents should be forced to swap their kids
Columnist Joe Mathews channels Plato and Jonathan Swift as he proposes universal orphanhood to be a straight path to societal equity in California.
Episode Should LAUSD return to remote learning amid Omicron?
LAUSD classrooms are seeing major disruptions as the district grapples with record COVID rates among students and staff. Two educators, who are also parents, share their back-to-school experiences.
Episode Morning Becomes Eclectic playlist, January 20, 2022
Tune in today to celebrate the sounds and spirit of MBE’s own weather report forecaster , the inimitable David Lynch. You'll also hear a lovely acoustic Brittany Howard cover from Houston based SOLACE.
Episode Accurate homeless count affects where cash flows. You can help in Duarte
Duarte’s annual count of unhoused residents is still on, despite being delayed due to COVID, and they’re looking for Angelenos to help next month.
Episode LA Opera’s new Latina conductor wants to make classical arts more accessible
Newly minted LA Opera conductor Lina González-Granados often works with young singers outside of performance halls and says the LA Opera does a good job of bringing music to other parts of the city.
Episode Sonic Youth
Fresh off releasing “Daydream Nation,” Sonic Youth stopped by KCRW to discuss Thurston Moore’s association with Glenn Branca, the band’s philosophy on good (and bad) reviews, and what Kim Gordon calls “the urban thrash thing.”
Episode MICHELLE: ‘Expiration Date’
R&B fans rejoice as NYC collective MICHELLE use their music as a platform to empower listeners through enticing harmonies and a catchy melody on “Expiration Date.”
Episode John Keene: “Punks: New & Selected Poems” (The Song Cave)
John Keene, one of our time’s most notable writers, discsusses his expansive new book of poetry, "Punks: New & Selected Poems," seven sections that offer different perspectives on what poetry can be: queer and Black, and much more than that.
Episode Ro "Wyldeflower" Contreras' playlist, January 19, 2022
A soulful rhythmic journey through time and space... sonic love notes from cities to mountain tops, to the heart of the tropics and into the cosmos.
Episode Travis Holcombe's playlist, January 19, 2022
New music. Emerging artists. No boundaries. Served fresh every weeknight, 8-10pm.
Episode image/x-jg Cost/savings debate over California universal health care
Assembly member Ash Kalra defends AB 1400, his bill that would establish California universal health care by taxing businesses and citizens.
Episode Troff document Work heavily shapes American identity. How can we change it?
The authors of “ Out of Office” discuss how telecommuting can make people feel an unhealthy need to constantly work, and why it’s problematic to tie so much of your identity to your job.
Episode Live from Anne’s Backyard: Damon Albarn
In Damon Albarn’s only in-person interview around his new solo album, the Blur and Gorillaz frontman discusses making “The Nearer the Fountain,” harmonic destinations, and scoring the Icelandic sunrise.
Episode Morning Becomes Eclectic playlist, January 19, 2022
Sonic guru Damon Albarn recently released his stunning album “The Nearer the Fountain, More Pure The Stream Flows.” While en route to the recording session, Albarn found himself next to a rabbi.
Episode Troff document Jelly Cleaver: ‘Black Line’ (Radio Edit)
Compelling songwriter, guitarist, social activist, and producer Jelly Cleaver has been unifying the London Jazz and DIY indie scene with her own mix of slinky, emotive sizzle, as heard on “Black Line.”
Episode Francesca Harding's playlist, January 18, 2022
Music to make you feel.
Episode Travis Holcombe's playlist, January 18, 2022
New music. Emerging artists. No boundaries. Served fresh every weeknight, 8-10pm.
Episode Tabitha Jackson: Sundance Film Festival 2022
This week on The Treatment, Elvis welcomes Tabitha Jackson, Director of the Sundance Film Festival. This year’s festival has shifted to an online format because of the pandemic.
Episode Getting rid of carbon footprints: How some CA housing developments are doing it
Cutting or eliminating greenhouse gas emissions is the aim of two new developments in Valencia and Tejon Ranch. KCRW looks at how residents are living “net zero” at Five Point Valencia.
Episode object code Texas hostage situation is another example of extremism in America
Following Saturday’s hostage situation in Texas, LA rabbi Steve Leder shares why local places of worship prioritize security training.
Episode Morning Becomes Eclectic playlist, January 18, 2022
Earl Sweatshirt continues to create music on his own terms, defying the expectations of what a lyricist should sound like. Earl had a eureka moment while envisioning his latest album “Sick!,” where his goal was simply to be direct with his words and thoughts. We think he nailed it and can’t wait to listen with you!
Episode Randall Preserve: Expansive wildlife corridor debuts 2 hours from LA
A new nature preserve in the Tehachapi Mountains and Southern Sierra Nevada aims to become a sanctuary for California’s iconic species to adjust to climate change.
Episode ‘Strangeland’: K-town murders probed by famed interpreter Sharon Choi
A new podcast spearheaded by renowned interpreter Sharon Choi questions whether justice was served after three people were found murdered in a Koreatown apartment nearly two decades ago.