A Late Night Mix by DJ Historian Bill Brewster

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If you care about dance culture, Bill Brewster’sLast Night A DJ Saved My Life” is essential reading. A brilliantly studied and written history of the DJ from radio to warehouse to club to stadium, the book is thoughtful and comprehensive.

Brewster (and co-writer Frank Broughton) also run the website DJ History, which is a living, breathing forum dedicated to all things DJ related.

The most recent mix in the always intriguing Late Night Tales series is called “After Dark” and is mixed by Brewster. It is a truly spectacular mix, a heady delight curated with heart and soul. This is Advanced Clubbing 101. In his own words, Brewster describes the mix as follows:

“After Dark. It’s New York at 4am with the lights off and the strobes flaring. It’s a Dalston basement with slow chugging basslines propelling a dancefloor. It’s a starlit night on the coast of Croatia with glittery girls and burnished boys grooving to 110bpm anthems. It’s great dance music with the Bosh-O-Meter turned to 0. If you want pounding trance, Lance, you’ve come to the wrong place. If you want a drop, break or explosion every 16 bars, then Swedish House Mafia is that way. This is music for dancers who know to move. It’s slow release carbs, with a startlingly high pleasure count. We’re starting slow and staying that way. Groove is in the art.”

Feed your head and your ass will follow.

Check out a teaser: