A Voice, That Voice, At the Rio de Janeiro Airport

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When I first landed at Galeão airport–now rechristened Tom Jobim International Airport–in Rio in 1990 in the first of many trips to Brazil,  I was greeted by one of the most ethereal but seductive, sensual but distant, and utterly beguiling voices I have ever heard on a public address system.  I wondered, “who is this woman?”.

Later I heard an NPR story on her.  So I wasn’t the only one who noticed that voice.  Her voice here has a smoker’s rasp:


As it turns out, Iris Lettieri, the mystery announcer, has had a long career in radio and television.   Her website give us some images of her life and work:


In four years, thousands of international travellers will be flocking to Rio de Janeiro for the 2016 Olympic Games……and most likely will be captivated just as I was.  A voice like hers could only happen in that amazing country called Brazil.

I also have wondered why no record producers have sampled her unique voice on a cd.  Maybe someday?