Alt-J US Radio Debut on KCRW – Fitzpleasure and Breezeblocks

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During our live studio sessions, sometimes I feel like I’m watching a band. Other times I feel like I’m witnessing something.

Judging by the KCRW DJs and staffers packed into the control room to see this band make their U.S. radio debut, I think I was witnessing the beginning of something big.

Alt-J is one of the most interesting bands I’ve seen in a long time – the sound of castanets are key to the sound of “Fitzpleasure”, a track they describe as a “collage” of different sounds and ideas. The drummer doesn’t have any cymbals. And the two lead singers’ voices combine in an entirely unique way.

Joe Newman and Gwilym Sainsbury told us they were friends before they were bandmates and didn’t have any preconceptions about what their sound would be when they started playing together.

From the sweetness of “Matilda” to the undeniably catchy “Breezeblocks”, this band has “the stuff” as they say.

The Cambridge-based musicans played a sold out show at The Echo last night and have already announced a tour date for September 29 at the Bootleg Bar.

In the meantime, check out their set in the archives here.


photo by Brian Lowe

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